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Sunday, June 16 2013

I flew straight from Toronto to Boise, Idaho on Monday, June 3 for the 2013 Fit Expo (BFE), presented by Optimum Nutrition. I arrived at 11:15pm, after having left the hotel at 6:30 a.m. that morning. It was a long day of traveling, but I am so grateful for everything has done for me that I didn't care how long it took. Flying in early gave me a chance to visit the Boise headquarters of for a meet and greet.

I was also able to take part in some other amazing events, like the Grand Opening of the first Park Gym, which is 100% Free to the public. This is just one of the many ways gives back. I am pleased to be associated with such a great company and was honored to be part of the event!

Thursday night we had a Team Dinner and it was great seeing everybody again. In the fitness world it is like you live two different lives, because many of us do not stay in touch with each other after we leave shows and expos. As soon as we are back at another expo or event, however, it is like we just pick up where we left off. It is the weirdest, most amazing thing and so hard to explain, but those of us that live this life all understand it and don't even have to say a word to each other. It is like a fitness family and it is one of the most amazing feelings ever.

On Friday night brought in the legendary band "LOVERBOY" for the BFE weekend! This was so awesome! Loverboy played a number of songs and everybody had an amazing time. If it wasn't for Mick Skinner and his friendship with the band for over 30 years, this would never have happened.

Saturday was the BFE itself, a free event put on by and Optimum Nutrition. This was my 5th year at the Fit Expo - five years! The 2013 Boise Fitness Expo was the most action-packed Expo yet. This celebration of bodybuilding and fitness is the biggest and most unique fitness-related EXPO in Idaho. There were supplement samples, a long list of exciting events, and a variety of special guests, including David Otunga and Ashley Conrad. Vendors came from all over the United States to set up booths and take part in the event, as well as fitness icons and athletes from all over the world. had me on stage from 11:05-11:25am for my intro video, guest posing and a short speech. The intro video played on the mega screens at the venue and my voice was heard throughout the expo. People actually stopped in their place to watch! After my performance I gave a short powerful speech to give back and share my story, as well tell people how has changed my life for the better. Without their help I would not be where I am today and neither would the sport of Wheelchair Bodybuilding. I also gave Muscle Pharm credit because they have played a critical role in making all of this happen. Once again, though, it always goes back to Mick Skinner. I am so grateful that he was the one who gave me a chance when so many other companies closed the door and wouldn’t even give me the time of the day.

After the BFE I was happy to go out to dinner with Mick, Jo, Dean and other close friends before we headed to the After Party. Before we headed there I stopped back at the hotel as the gang had gathered there and got my buddy, Dana Linn Bailey, to join our group. Then we rolled our way over to the after party, which is always a blast! We all had so much fun and loved it all! It is such an honor to be Part of Team and I feel so blessed and thankful.

I finally made it back to my room at 3:45am with just enough time to pack and head to the airport and fly out to Phoenix, Arizona for my next event.

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